Limb-Art Background

Limb-Art Background

Posted by Chris Empio on Jan 2nd 2023

Mark's Journey

21st June 1982… my life and that of Princess Diana’s were changed forever… and for better.

Princess Diana gave birth to Prince William and I lost my left leg following a car accident whilst riding my bike home from school.

The next 8 years where a whirlwind. I was transformed from a shy 10 year old boy, who couldn’t swim, into a super-confident athlete winning medals in the pool at the 1988 Seoul Paralympics and 1989 Miami World Championships. The whole experience taught me to look at what you “can do”, not what you can’t, to always drive for perfection and, above all, be proud.

One day in 2017 a small child approached me in a local supermarket wanting to tell me how “cool” my leg looked… I had made a bright green cover with flashing LED lights! At this point I decided it was time to “give something back.” I pulled together a team of experts to make the ultimate covers on a bigger scale, with a choice for everyone to help them Stand Out and Stand Proud.


Designed for all users of above and below knee prostheses, LIMB-Art leg covers combine superior quality material and construction with cutting edge design and technology to provide robust, affordable and above all… cool… leg covers.

Our mission is to help users Stand Out and Stand Proud.

Our covers restore balance to the silhouette, without trying to blend in or hide, and can be instrumental in raising confidence and self-esteem.

Prostheses have, over recent years, come on in leaps and bounds functionally. However, aesthetics seem to be generally overlooked. Our covers aim to change this. They are an accessory which is lightweight (typically less than 250g), easy to fit over the prosthetic and are durable.

LIMB-art covers are so durable we offer a no quibble 1 year breakage warranty.

Hear from Limb-Art CEO Mark Williams

Founded in 2018 by a former Paralympic swimmer, this much-decorated Welsh company has won a gazillion small-business awards in the UK while zipping to the forefront of the industry. The product list features a broad color palette and a variety of shapes, surfaces and weights, with an easy-to-use ordering interface that lets you customize your purchase. Partnerships with the National Health Service and the UK Armed Forces have fueled brisk growth.


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